Friday, June 30, 2017

Relearning the guzheng 8

Yeah, I'm flighty and undedicated and I have no patience. I'm doing more songs.

I'm still practicing the others. But yeah, other pieces are happening.

I surprised myself by wanting to play 梁祝. I never thought the arrangement I had of it was that great. Well, the beginning is pretty good, but the fast part was just okay.

But here is me playing the beginning. Also sans intro. Some mistakes were made.

You know, I was never amazing at keeping a beat. Like, rushing or dragging (mostly rushing) was something I had to concentrate on not doing... but, man, am I at my worst beat keeping-est or what. It's not rushing. It's just inconsistent.

I feel like it's partially my hands' fault. Like, this is definitely the case with the fast part in Peacocks.

Anyway. 梁祝.

Oh yeah, I've been reflecting on the eight-ish years I'd been taking lessons and what I learned and did not learn. I'll probably make a post on that, too. I just need to organize my thoughts some more.

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