Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Here are some things I remember wanting to put here but never got around to.

1. I went on a paternoster! That's right, check! I made a nice little trip to Stuttgart, Germany for it and saw cool cars in the process, too. Here's a picture of my foot.

2. I had a pleasant lunch out with my fellow teachers on my last day at work. There were two main dishes, a lamb and a fish. We decided to get some wine, and asked for the already opened bottles. The waiter said that we could choose between red and white, and when he got to me, I chose white for no particular reason. "White...?" one of my colleagues asked me, slightly confused. "Ah!" she said, "You ordered fish!" And all was well. (Yes! I accidentally succeeded in basic wine knowledge!)

3. Back to the checklist. Next goal: midnight sun.

Sad reality

I wish I knew all the languages.

Or at least


in addition to English.

Then I wouldn't lose contact with my friends because it's too much effort for either of us to write in another language.