Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jonquil - Mexico (lyrics)

Is there an online community out there that works together to figure out song lyrics where there is no official version out?

Anyway, I've been trying to figure out the lyrics to Jonquil's Mexico for a long time. It doesn't help that they change the lyrics for the live versions--and I've only been able to find two of those online. This is what I have worked out so far; I italicized the super unclear parts:

I know of your reasons
You said that you're feeling
They're running in circles
But nothing wouldn't stop them from coming home
I know you've tried to help, but
They never ever wanted to feel it
And all of these troubles
They'll get you in the end

I had a feeling that you'd do some wrong, no
I never saw it and I feel so old

And now that I see you
It's clear that she needs you
And all of the scriptures
That lead me to the heartland you gave her

I never knew you were the one to go, no
I said it wasn't what I wanted, no

I saw you drown
I lost sight of your sound
I know you, been searching over/beside your mother
Is that cold?
You've been burning

I never knew you were the one to go, no
I said this wasn't what I wanted, no

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