Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teachers and grownups

About two years ago, I sat down with a couple of people in a Hiroshima hostel on Christmas night and we just hung out, talking about our lives and what we do, where we've been and where we are going. Most of them were Japanese, which was the only time that had happened during my many ad-hoc chats and hangouts on that trip--but I digress.

I was the youngest one, and they oohed and said, 若い. Young. I didn't feel like I was that young, but I did mull upon the idea when I wrote in my journal later. Two of the people there were teachers, and I did think that it felt a little bit special to be hanging out with teachers, and that it was unusual, like being in an exclusive club, maybe. I supposed that it was that kind of thought that would out me in the "young" category.

Now, I have a high school friend who I see regularly who is a genuine, full-time teacher at a public elementary school. Just like the kind I used to go to.

A small moment when I feel like an adult.

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