Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another bus encounter


So I was on the bus, and as the bus pulls into the last stop (mine) and I am seriously one second from getting off (I was sitting in front of the door), I hear this voice go "Wanda?" I look over and these is this guy there, smiling, that I can't place at all. My face must have been very obviously confused because he then goes, "Chinese class. I thought you looked familiar."

Uh, uhh.

Maybe it's that guy I talked with once who's also from California? He has an American accent. I searched for something to say to told him I recognized him. His name? Which university did he go to again?

I get off the bus and he is one person behind me. I wait.

I come up with nothing as he steps onto the sidewalk, his face now awash with the yellow glow of the streetlamps.

I really don't recognize him at all. I try to remember the Californian guy I talked with once. Did he always wear glasses? Was his hair always like that? Should I say, "Did you cut your hair?"

I smile and he smiles back and none of us has anything else to say. It's clear that we'll be going in separate directions. He does this side salute and grins. I wave goodbye back.

He was so cute!

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