Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love lists

Some thoughts and concerns over the past week:

1. I've steadily sabotaged my Morphology class, and my life, one minute at a time. Doing anything but studying even though it was what I needed the most.

2. Today I ate through most of a salad without dressing because I hadn't noticed that the dressing packet was hidden in the middle of the bowl. There were less than ten leaves left when I realized. I felt stupid.

3. Eugene told me that Korean-made Shin ramen is much spicier than Hong Kong-made Shin ramen. I found one at the supermarket and am cooking it as I type ("cook" being a loose term). Just opening the packet of spices and inhaling its contents has made me scared, but sort of excited.

4. I need to get better at Frisbee! Today's practice was pathetic on my part. They have this rule where you must pass to a girl before you can score, and as far as I'm concerned, it's valid because I suck! I dropped so many discs! I want to make that rule irrelevant, because I'll be able to catch and play that shit when it counts. Grr.

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