Monday, July 13, 2009

Curiouser and curiouser

Everyone knows that I love, love, love the Chinese “pop” concerto Liang Shan Bo he Zhu Ying Tai, otherwise known as Butterfly Lovers. It’s a twenty-six minute monster (okay, so maybe not a monster—but the longest song I have on my iPod) and I enjoy every bit of it. And everyone knows I play the guzheng, a stringed Chinese instrument, so of course I tried to play Liang Zhu on that… the arrangement I got didn’t quite have the same majesty, so I eventually let that slide off.

Liang Zhu is by two composers called He Zhanhao and Chen Gang.

About two years later, I came across another song for the guzheng, Mo Li Fen Fang (Fragrance of the Jasmine). I immediately took a liking to it, and am now trying to use it as my solo. It’s great.

Last week, I found out who composed it.

Yeah, He Zhanhao and Chen Gang.

There’s another song I really like on the guzheng, as a solo. I finally got the sheets from my friend and am going to start it as soon as I can (this F key might be a bit tough, I gotta say). It’s a deep piece that feels like a journey, called Kong Que Dong Nan Fei (Southeast Fly the Peacocks).

Today I found out that it is composed by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang.

Citation is needed, as Wikipedia would say, but let me bask in my wonderment for the moment.


September 18, 2009
Correction: I found out a while ago, but Southeast Fly the Peacocks is not by the same composers. Too bad.

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